Directorate of European affairs and international economic relations

The Ministry’s Directorate of European Affairs and International Economic Relations (D II) coordinates European policy between the ministerial departments. It chairs the Comité interministériel de coordination de la politique européenne (Inter-ministerial committee for European policy coordination) (CICPE), and coordinates the transposition and application of European Union law. In European Policy matters, the Directorate is the principal contact for Luxembourg institutions and authorities for European policy matters. It is responsible for preparing the government’s annual reports on European policy and on the transposition of European directives submitted to the Chamber of Deputies.

 Directorate II also represents Luxembourg within European forums responsible for the Common Commercial Policy, which deal in particular with trade negotiations as well as anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and market access portfolios.

The Directorate also plays a coordinating role in implementing restrictive measures and sanctions decided in international forums (UNO, EU).

Backed by a diplomatic and consular network, the Directorate supports the development of bilateral relations with European and Central Asian countries in close consultation with the ministries concerned and representatives of the public and private sectors. The Directorate represents the MFEA within organisations aiming to promote Luxembourg’s economic development.

The Directorate coordinates the negotiation of international conventions with third countries, in support of the relevant ministries, especially in the aviation, social security, protection and promotion of investment and avoidance of double taxation arenas.

The Directorate of European affairs and international economic relations also manages the technical assistance Luxembourg provides to third countries. This assistance can materialise under transfers of scientific or technical knowledge tailored to the needs of the beneficiary countries. The projects are rooted in various sectors in which Luxembourg enjoys specific expertise (public administration and European law, finance, new technologies, research and innovation, press and media, etc.) and are delivered via Luxembourg and European partners.

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